Monday, November 18, 2013

Pancakes and Hockey

This past Saturday started off like any other Saturday...

...then by 9:00am the ball had dropped. He shoots,he scores!

The Edge Skatepark Floor Hockey Tournament Fundraiser!


Ref conference.

Jon was on our team... Team Car Ram Rod!

BJ insisted on our team name. Danielle came to show everyone that it's not just boys fun!

Post lunch stretch!

After 5 wins and 1 loss, Team Car Ram Rod discusses strategy before the semi-finals.

Mike and Bob reflecting on "what went wrong", AFTER the semi-finals? Ha! Easily tired from one long day of fun and hard work!

The finals!

Bring back The Moose!

Matt (also representing Team Car Ram Rod) provides commentating entertainment!

The call!


The defeated...

...The victor!

The goal... Raise $10,000. Last update before we left... almost there! Secondary goal... Raise Fun! All day long...mission accomplished!

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