Thursday, February 17, 2011

No signifying!

Thanks to a friend of mine who's down for PBS I was turned on to the film Adjust Your Color - The Truth About Petey Greene

This guy kicks some ass.

Watching him in action reminded me a bit of listening to former local radio talk show host Marty Gold. It also dawned on me that there's a good possibility that a few actors I've seen in movies in my day seem to have added some Petey Greene styles to their own characters.

Check out the film and see what you think for yourself.

I'll leave you with words from the man himself... “So grab your head and make a fist. Listen at me and remember this, that I’ll tell it to the hot, tell it to the cold, tell it to the young and tell it to the old. I don’t want no laughing, I don’t want no crying, and most of all, no signifying.”

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