Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pinch Hitter

While skating at Komenda Skate Park tonight I got a chance to witness Evan Burchuk tear the place up with out of the ordinary and unique lines, busting stylish tricks from corner to corner. My own session was about to turn from skateboarding to picture taking when blood from some mystery injury started to roll down the palm of my hand? I was just about to take my camera out when something came up and our night was cut short. I am determined to capture Evan's stylish skating in the near future.

Since I came up empty handed tonight I asked for some photos from local skater Mike Sudoma. He's been picking up the camera in his downtime caused by the occasional injury. Last year after an ankle break (if memory serves correct) he swore off skateboarding. Delirium can cause people to say the silliest things. I'm glad to see Mike is out doing both skateboarding and taking pictures of his friends skateboarding.

Who better to hone your camera skills on than Grady with his bag of tricks!

Grady puts in the hours and then some. Recharge!

Thanks for the photos Mike! As always Grady...big ups to you as well!

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