Monday, July 11, 2011

Then and now - Return to 785

Every now and again I post a "then and now" feature. When I was reacquainted with an old friend at the Not A Day Goes By show, a must do "then and now" jumped in to my head. That mission was accomplished this weekend.

Sydney on the porch of 785 Nassau St. South. My best guess is that this was 1993.

We returned to the same porch this weekend to recapture the moment almost two decades later. Too much has changed since the original picture was taken, but I was humbled to be able to have the opportunity to shoot it a second time around. Thank you Sydney!

As much as some things change more than we'd like, some things never change at all. Shortly after we knocked on a strangers door to request permission to execute our idea of taking photos on their steps we were approached by a familiar face from across the street.

This man starts in by asking about the police coming to the house at 3:00am in the morning to make arrests and going on about how the neighborhood has taken a turn for the worse. We assured him that we don't live in the house and we were just visiting the old porch. I not only recognize his face, but I recognize his concern for all things going on in the neighborhood so I ask him if he was indeed "Aldo"? It then dawns on him who I was and we have a mini reunion where he fills us in on the details of the decline of South Osborne in general.

The always caring, always compassionate to all living things...Aldo!

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